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RIDTEK can recommend the service of Mick Quelch for all your Rabbit Control issues in and around Basingstoke, Newbury, Wokingham and Reading.

Rabbits (Oryctolagus cuniculus) can be a real pest causing substantial damage and lower crop yields if not controlled.

If you have a problem with rabbits Mick will identify a suitable solution so that you can get control in an fast effective manor. Mick uses several different methods including ferrets, long nets, traps, snares or shooting to deal with a rabbit infestation quickly and efficiently. we can also install a rabbit proof fence.

Whether you are a farmer, horticulturalist,  landowner, home owner, or you have a rabbit problem on a school playing field, an airfield, at your stud or stable, or even on your industrial estate we can provide an effective rabbit control solution and management service. Mick understands these pests and that rabbits can be a major problem that can cause serious damage if not controlled effectivley.

The best time of the year for to work on rabbit problems is generally between late October and early April time. During this period general visibility and access to burrows is usually far easier as crop growth and vegetation doesn’t offer as much camouflage to the burrows.

For every doe removed during this time there will be 20 less offspring come the summer so reducing the numbers at this time of year will also reduce their impact on crops sown in the autumn as well as summer crops.

Whether you are a commercial farmer or domestic householder Mick has a rabbit control solution for you.

Cage Trapping : for crop protection

Mick can offer a cage trapping service and will lay in the order of 30 traps per location and bait and monitor these traps twice daily as necessary over a period of a week. These are most successfully used in short vegetation on open ground.

We offer a dropbox installation and monitoring service to gain control of rabbits invading your land from a neighbouring property. We also live trap rabbit burrows.

Cage trapping can reduce a rabbit population by about 65%.

Rabbit Snaring & Spring Trapping

We offer a rabbit snaring service, often in combination with the trapping service. We only use free running non self locking snares with stops, so as to retain the rabbit for dispatch on attendance. Snares are checked on twice daily, and are set on well-used rabbit runs near to rabbit harbourage in areas of short growth vegetation.

We use Mk6 Fenn and 116 BMI Bodygrip traps which are also approved for use on grey squirrels, rats, weasels, stoats, rabbit and mink.

We do not use these methods unless livestock have been prohibited from entering the trapping area.


We offer a ferreting service dependent upon the time of year and the terrain. Often it is necessary to clear brambles and other growth to access burrow entrances a day or more before carrying out rabbit ferreting operations.


We will work at night lamping and shooting to control an area once the number of rabbits has been reduced significantly. This is not an efficient way to control a growing rabbit population until numbers have been reduced.

Rabbit proofing

We offer a rabbit proofing service to both exclude rabbits from an area and to prevent ingress of rabbits into an area. This would usually be a 30mm wire (for long-term use) net fence. We also offer a fence maintenance program to check on its condition and make any necessary repairs, as any holes will be exploited by rabbits very quickly.

Where individual rabbits are causing a problem e.g. by entering a garden and eating vegetables or other plants, or damaging trees, rabbit-proof fencing could be used to prevent access.

Tree guards are usually 60cm high and are used to protect individual trees from rabbit damage. They can be constructed as plastic net guards, welded mesh cylinders, split plastic tubes and spiral plastic sleeves. The split plastic tubes can be used over stems of whips and standards; for feathered trees, spiral guards are used. It is important to ensure that if spiral guards are used no gaps are left between the spirals, since rabbits can gnaw thru a gap as small as 5mm. These spiral guards can be easily displaced by animals or wind.

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