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cockroachRIDTEK literally saved the day! We suddenly had a cockroach problem and we didn’t know what to do. RIDTEK not only got rid of them fast, you wouldn’t have even known they were there in the first place.

Thanks Shane, we will sleep better tonight!


waspWe called RIDTEK to help us on a window job where there was a wasp problem. Shane arrived fast and the wasp problem was solved quickly so that we could complete the job on time. Big thanks to RIDTEK for excellent customer service.

Paul Tucker, Tucker Cleaning Services



ratLiving in Oakley, pest control was needed as our house is near the railway line. Our relationship with Shane at RIDTEK gave us peace of mind. We had used another pest controller company but the situation never seemed to be under control. Shane explained that although baiting had been done in the past the rodents still had access into the building. After proofing the wall, no more activity, brilliant! We now have the rodents under control, finally, and would highly recommend RIDTEK for any Oakley pest control.

Bed Bugs

bedbugYou may have read our recent RIDTEK Basingstoke Pest Control Bed Bugs post in our news section, well Bed Bugs appear to be making a comeback in Basingstoke. We are increasingly getting calls to eradicate them from customer’s bedrooms. Bed Bugs can be found in any home and are not an indication the home is dirty. In fact they seem to like clean homes, and as long as they are able to feed, they will be present. They can also survive more than 12 months without a feed. It is quite common that our customers come to us after they have tried everything, but to no avail. That is because bed bugs are infamous at being difficult to eradicate without professional help.

If you need to get rid, get RIDTEK. Contact us today for more information.

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