Pre Purchase Pest Inspection

Purchasing any home or building can be fraught with risks and hidden problems.

Imagine purchasing your dream home only to find that it is infested with non paying tenants such as mice! Your dream can become a nightmare. The good news is that all MousePest Problems can be cured and damage to the building can be repaired. Issues can be more psychological and emotional with regard to discovering there is a secret ongoing problem in your new home that was not discussed or revealed at the time of purchase.

As the housing market heats up again we are increasingly being contacted by customers who having lived in their new home for a few weeks, have begun seeing or hearing  rodent or insect activity inside the house, and we get the call. During our inspection it is evident that the building has a history of pest problems and we get to work immediately to solve this. Our customers feel disappointed and are sometimes distraught with the whole situation, the dream home starts to lose its blissful appeal.

Of course, we are able to rectify this and after some time things will return to normal.


What if you could approach this in another way?

During the negotiation for the purchase of your new home or building, request terms subject to a pest inspection. Customers of ours that do this, purchase the property with an eyes wide open approach. Where problems are discovered we are able to quickly quote for a control solution that can be discussed with the vendor and agreement made regarding cost allocation. The problem can then be easily solved by our professional technicians with guarantees on our work. Pest Inspection Reports are made digitaly at site so are quickly available to all parties to discuss an approach that benifits a quick solution and ensures continued smooth negotiations.

Buying a home can be an emotional rollercoaster and its always best to approach it with head rather than heart decisions. Pest Inspections can be easily arranged and are a cost effective way of ensuring you have the full picture.

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RIDTEK is a family owned, independent Professional Pest Control Company staffed by friendly technicians who understand you need help fast. 

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