Basingstoke Wasps - Hibernation Cell

Hibernation cell basingstoke waspsIf you have been into your loft recentley and seen a wasp nest about the size of a golf ball then you are looking at the hibernation cell of a queen wasp.

At the end of summer wasp nests typically die off. Only the new queens survive and emerge to seek out a location to build a hibernation cell for the winter.

They build this cell with a mix of saliva and paper/wood shavings before hibernating through winter into Spring. They may emerge any time from March to June, it realy depends on the prevailing weather. For example, a mild spring will bring them out earlier.

If the cell your looking at is perfectly intact it may contain a wasp queen.

If there is a hole in it or it is broken open the queen should have emerged and left to start her new colony by building a much larger nest. The old hibernation cells are never used again.

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