Check out this video of slo mo wasps at a customers home in Basingstoke. These wasps are known as "common wasps" or "Vespula vulgaris". As their name suggests they are very common in the U.K. We find them nesting in wall cavities, such as this nest in this video, also in the ground, in lofts, sheds and even under a bath! They are oppurtunistic and so the nesting places are extremeley random. Like all wasps, they have the ability to sting repeatedley. Bees are different and can only sting once. The reason for this is that the sting of a bee is barbed, like a fish hook. so when it has penetrated the skin of a human, it cannot be withdrawn. When a bee escapes after stinging it injures itself by tearing off its own stinger and it dies. The sting of a wasp is smooth. It can penatrate the skin repeatedley in and out without any problem or risk of injury. This makes wasps very dangerous. Never attempt to deal with a wasp nest unless you have been trained to do so. Call us - 01256 332 775




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